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What if music was a place?

Imagine for a moment the point that intersects between music, design, and technology. 

In 2015, I realized the way my audience perceives and values music was changing. I had spent my entire professional career out on the road, playing in bars and doing festivals. But in the space of ten years, the value of recorded music had fallen through the floor and the audiences were getting smaller and smaller. I started to question if playing in bars and touring was really the best way to connect with audiences in the modern world.

After a several months of thought, I wrote a thesis which outlined where I felt my work was going. Seeking to merge elements of electronic music, design, and technology, I set out to conduct a large-scale experiment. Over the course of the following three years, I put together a team and we sought to create an art installation that merges the auditory and the visual into one cohesive conceptual statement. Our goal was to offer the audience a new way to experience music. 

media assets

Promotional Reel (full screen and volume up recommended for best viewing)



meet the team

Misha Siegfried

Creative Direction and Lead Guitar

Adam Berzowski

Keyboard & Synth

Ben Titus


Brett Westfahl


VJ Brye

Live Video Production

Darrin Alston Jr.

Design & Animation

Brandon Evans


Steve Hamilton

Live Sound Production

Ryan Farnham

Design & Animation

Kora Gdaniec


Cory Schulz

Music Production

Tracy Hrajnoha

Production Strategist

Brel Schroeder


for further media inquiries:

please contact

Misha Siegfried

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